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Seminar: Program Analysis and Transformation ^

Fall Semester 2009/10

Topics from Scala

Important dates ^

20090917 10:00-11:00 KickOff_HS09 Meeting 6.111
20091015 Milestone_1: outline and concept of seminar article reviewedindividual appointment(s) with advisor
20091115 Milestone_2: draft of article reviewedindividual appointment(s) with advisor
20091218 Milestone_3: article finished, draft of presentation reviewedindividual appointment(s) with advisor
2010 01 14th 10:00-17:00 Seminar Presentation day 5.001

Participants | Topics ^

LukasFelberIFS6.108JOLHigher Kind of GenericsTowards Equal Rights for Higher-kinded Types
MichaelRueeggIFS6.108SOMPattern Matching
StefanOberholzerCrealogixxxxSOMSafe Type Level Abstraction
PascalKesseliIFS6.110SOMThe Expression Problem in Scala

ThomasCorbatActors[... Actors]
LukasFelberHigher Kind of Generics[... Higher Kind of Generics]
MichaelRueeggPattern Matching[... Pattern Matching]
StefanOberholzerSafe Type Level Abstraction[Presentation Safe Type Level Abstraction]
PascalKesseliThe Expression Problem in Scala[... The Expression Problem in Scala]

Supervisors ^

10-11MichaelRueeggPattern Matching in Scala
11-12ThomasCorbatActors in Scala
13-14LukasFelberHigher Kind of Generics
14-15StefanOberholzerSafe Type Level Abstraction
15-16Invited Talk Donna MalayeriScala Self-Types and Diamond Inheritance
16-17PascalKesseliThe Expression Problem in Scala

Scala self-type annotations provide a way to express dependencies between components. When combined with abstract type members, patterns such as family polymorphism can be expressed quite elegantly. Additionally, self-types are particularly useful in component-based programming, as they provide a looser coupling between classes as compared to ordinary inheritance. With this observation, we have developed an extension of self-types that circumvents the difficulties caused by diamond multiple inheritance, which can occur in Scala through multiple trait inheritance. In this talk, I will first illustrate the expressiveness of Scala self-types and then describe their use in a core calculus that prohibits diamond inheritance without sacrificing expressiveness.

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