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Self-Study Material ^

Here we provide various self-study material. There are excerpts from Peter Sommerlad's book "Lucid C++", additional slides with more comparison of C++ vs Java and introductory videos.

Lucid C++ ^

Chapter 0 of my book draft: https:files/C++chapter0.pdf

C++ VS Java ^

Several additional slides which show some of differences between the two languages. For comparison Java has not been chosen as it is a particularly bad language, but because most of you should already be familiar with it.


Videos ^

If you struggle with the installation of Cevelop and especially the compiler on Windows, we provide this tutorial video that shows the installation step-by-step:


The installation of Cevelop on MacOS and Linux is more or less the same, as you just have to download and extract it. Setting up a compiler on those platforms is usually easier when using a package manager.

After you have sucessfully configured your environment we also have an introductory tutorial, that shows the first steps in Cevelop:


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